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Improve trial performance, mitigate risks, and optimize resources efficiently

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What can Clinical Trial Intelligence do for you?


Reduction of
Protocol Deviations


Reduction of Sites needed for enrollment


Improvement in
enrollment forecasting

One Clinical Trial Intelligence platform, from Feasibility to Conduct

Lokavant Prizm Platform

AI-optimized trial solutions

 Although our AI-solutions are powerful on their own, the real magic happens when you use them together.

Study Forecasting - Thin (1)

Study Forecasting

Accurately identify the right sites and country combination for optimal study performance

Study Launch - Thin (1)

Study Launch

Oversee all study startup activities to ensure your trial has the best odds-of-success

Study Oversight - Thin (1)

Study Oversight

Executive-to-operational insights ensure your study is on plan from startup to closeout

Dynamic Enrollment - Thin (1)

Dynamic Enrollment

Update enrollment plans, actual to predicted new study scenarios with odds-of-success

Partners say...

“Through our collaboration with Lokavant, Parexel is able to leverage the latest technology to manage the complexities of clinical trials, improve clinical trial execution, and accelerate the delivery of new therapies to patients...The ability to continuously innovate is central to clinical development."

Peyton Howell
Parexel Chief Operating & Growth Officer

How it works...

Data aggregation
& harmonization

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Trial data from source is ingested and harmonized in real-time with Lokavant’s proprietary and partner data

Central dashboard for all
study reporting

Central dashboard for all study reporting

A single, self-service view of real-time study performance with automated reporting and benchmarking

AI and predictive analytics for
forecasting & risk

Screenshot 2023-05-24 165432

Daily reforecasting of enrollment and site performance is compared against historical performance to provide actionable insights

What makes Lokavant different?

Real Time - Thin

Real-time data access

View all your relevant study data in real-time through a consolidated dashboard.

Confidence - Thin

Increased confidence

Mitigate research risks by identifying and addressing issues as they occur, radically improving trial performance.

Insight - Thin

Enrollment insights

Know if your trial is on target or at-risk. Compare new study scenarios to understand the impact to your timelines and odd-of-success.

Efficiency - Thin

Operational efficiency

Benchmark trial performance against Lokavant’s proprietary data to optimize your resources and reduce study team burden.

Safety - Thin

Participant safety

View participant safety data in realtime across all sources through a consolidated dashboard that enables you to quickly monitor safety trends.

Dynamic Enrollment - Thin

Ensure DEI compliance

Monitor your DEI plan and ensure your trial is representative of the patient population to meet regulatory compliance.

Notification - Thin

Predictive notifications

Predictive notifications become available in Lokavant’s Clinical Trial Intelligence platform and helps identity potential risks before they become issues.

Connected Dashboard- Thin

Connected dashboards

All your study operational data through a connected dashboards that eliminates the need for time-consuming manual data aggregation.



What is Lokavant, and how can it benefit my clinical trials?

Lokavant is the leading Clinical Trial Intelligence platform that supports data collection, understanding, and application for clinical research. It empowers study teams to make informed decisions, improve trial performance, and streamline workflows. Real-time study health reports ensure that Sponsors, CROs, and Sites are synchronized and make decisions based on accurate insights.

What specific technologies does Lokavant offer for clinical trials?

Lokavant provides analytics solutions designed to enhance Clinical Trial Performance. Our core product, Prizm™ CDH, consolidates and standardizes trial data in real-time. Using AI & ML, we provide actionable insights throughout your trial life-cycle, from planning to risk detection, and even DEI oversight.

What exactly is Clinical Trial Intelligence

Clinical Trial Intelligence takes traditional analytics and informatics a step further. While traditional methods involve the collection and analysis of data, our Clinical Trial Intelligence uses AI and ML to understand and apply data. This empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions in real-time, optimize resources, and accelerate the development of therapies.

What services can Lokavant provide for my team?

Lokavant offers comprehensive project management, delivery services, personalized training, system integrations, and ongoing support for each study. Our team stays with your study from start to finish, ensuring you get the maximum value from the Lokavant platform.

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