Biopharma & Biotech

Predict study performance and optimize your development process with real-time, AI-driven intelligence

Better oversight to ensure the best outcomes.

Potential Systems

Identify and amend potential system issues in your study documents and databases early, and prevent errors from compounding later in the study.


Make more informed decisions on site startup and reactivation trajectories by benchmarking KRIs, especially in COVID-impacted environments.

Sponsors Bell

Ensure patient safety through real time PD, AE, and SAE tracking and alerts.

Sponsors Report

Reduce unnecessary reporting and data cycle times by seeing all of your studies in one place.

Sponsors Timeline

Effectively manage all third parties to ensure adherence to your budget and timelines.

Sponsors Communicate

Communicate effectively within Lokavant’s fully auditable platform by using notifications and permissioned views.

Data aggregation
& harmonization

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Trial data from source is ingested and harmonized in real-time with Lokavant’s proprietary and partner data

Central dashboard for all
study reporting

Central dashboard for all study reporting

A single, self-service view of real-time study performance with automated reporting and benchmarking

Predictive enrollment
forecasting & risk

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Daily reforecasting of enrollment and site performance is compared against historical performance to provide actionable insights

Lokavant In Action

Helping a sponsor deploy and scale during the height of COVID.

Key challenges

Key challenges

Monitoring new, complex EDC data sources

Key data for safety and efficacy endpoints were being captured through novel direct data capture from ICU.

Condensed timelines

FPFV in less than 40 days

High stakes pivotal study

Data compliance and quality paramount

Rapid scale

Study expected to expand to dozens of sites.

Lokavant Solution

Lokavant Solution

  • Harmonized EDC and direct-data sources for real-time access and analytics, instantly revealing data quality issues

  • Accelerated deployment to meet sponsor’s needs

  • Date pipeline fully compliant with GXP and 21 CFR part 11 within accelerated deployment timeline to ensure data quality.

  • Trial scaled to over 20 sites with Lokavant used across all sites

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