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Real-time data and analytics powered by historical  data

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A single source of truth for all data.

The average clinical trial generates 3M data points across up to a dozen different systems. Our platform harmonizes data directly from your key source systems, so your team spends less time aggregating and more time acting.

  • Updated as soon as the data is refreshed
  • Harmonized to our proprietary data model creating a ‘common language’ for trial operational data
  • Fully secure, 21 CFR Part 11, GDPR, CA Privacy Act, compliant

Artificial intelligence that keeps trials on track.

Lokavant compares your study data against a proprietary dataset of >2,000 trials to predict the trajectory of your trial, so your team can know which risks are most important for your study and mitigate issues before they happen. Our platform is fully configurable allowing input not just from our models but from our experts and your team.

  • Ongoing support from clinical operation team members and subject-matter experts to support configuration and risk mitigation
  • Fully configurable thresholds and metrics
  • Dynamic risk models, tailored to your study that update every time Lokavant is deployed on a new study

A single interface to execute all of your clinical trials.

Our intuitive interface was built by clinical operations teams for clinical operations teams, not just data scientists.

  • Metrics traceable back to source systems
  • Study, site, and patient level views with custom visualizations for each risk category
  • Workflow and task management within the Lokavant tool
  • Ready for your teams with little-to-no training, not weeks or months
  • Dedicated white-glove support

Benefit from our experience.

Lokavant’s analytics are powered by trials across:

Major geographies
Diverse therapeutic areas
All phases

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