DEI Oversight

Overcome the challenges of planning, operationalizing, and monitoring DEI requirements

DEI Oversight helps study teams meet new DEl regulations from study planning to execution by monitoring for diversity in real-time to meet DEl requirements.

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Real-time study health

Real-time diversity monitoring

DEI Oversight helps study teams meet new DEI regulations from study planning to execution by monitoring for diversity in real-time to meet DEI requirements.

Increased Confidence

Site Diversity benchmarking

Leverage prior study data, AI and ML to define DEI thresholds and diversity performance scores to benchmark sites and identify site performance.

Operational efficiency

Meet new FDA regulation with data-driven DEI planning

Access Lokavant’s data asset to plan and meet regulatory DEI planning requirements and account for underserved populations.

Prizm - DEI Oversight

Monitoring and planning diversity and inclusion for compliance in real-time

Three ingredients for DEI in Clinical Trials execution:
  1. Source agnostic data
  2. Real-time feedback loop
  3. Predictive forecasting
Key Benefits
  • Incorporate DEI into study planning, site selection & execution
  • Identity study performance and patient enrollment to comply with DEI regulations

Data aggregation
& harmonization

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Leverage SDoH and other DEI related data to plan and identify the right sites for diversity. Trial data from source is then ingested and harmonized in real-time.

Central dashboard for
real-time feedback loop

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A single, self-service view of real-time study performance with automated reporting and benchmarking.

Predictive DEI milestones,
forecasting & risk

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Daily reforecasting of enrollment and site performance is compared against historical performance to provide actionable insights as it relates to DEI.


Real-time diversity monitoring

Operationalize DEI easily to assess in real-time the diversity mix at a study, country and site level to ensure alignment with your diversity action plan targets

  • Surface insights in real-time to monitor your trial and ensure it is on track.

  • Optimize DEl enrollment in real-time with daily reforecasting - powered by data-driven Al/ML models and Lokavant's proprietary data asset.

  • Monitor your DEI plan and ensure your trial is representative to the patient population to meet regulatory compliance.

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Why Lokavant

Lokavant’s Clinical Trial Intelligence platform offers clinical researchers and study teams solutions to predict trial performance. Leveraging our Clinical Data Hub with over 21+ source connectors and proprietary data from over 2000+ harmonized trials and 14,000+ 3rd party trials, Lokavant can help you design, plan and execute trials more efficiently and give you the confidence to make informed decisions.

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