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Oversee all study startup activities to ensure your trial has the best odds-of-success

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Study Startup

Insights at your finger tips

Data driven decisions during the most critical time

Study Launch helps study teams granularly track all steps for each site's activation and score study timelines against look-alike studies leveraging Lokavant's proprietary data.

Identify bottlenecks

Milestone tracking in real-time

Continuously monitor and analyze study milestones, with a focus on changes from the initial baseline dates for effective management and reporting.

Study Milestones
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Dynamic Enrollment

Confidently predict trial timelines with a 70x improvement in enrollment forecasting

With up to a 70x improvement in enrollment forecasting accuracy, ensure better resource utilization and mitigate study risks proactively.
Study Launch

Study Launch helps you improve trial performance and mitigate trial risks in real-time

The right data at the right time

Data aggregation
& harmonization

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Trial data from source is ingested and harmonized in real-time with Lokavant’s proprietary and partner data

Central dashboard for all
study reporting

Central dashboard for all study reporting

A single, self-service view of real-time study performance with automated reporting and benchmarking

Predictive enrollment
forecasting & risk

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Daily reforecasting of enrollment and site performance is compared against historical performance to provide actionable insights

What makes Study Launch different?

Real Time - Thin

Real-time data access

View all your relevant study data in real-time through a consolidated dashboard.

Insight - Thin

Enrollment insights

Know if your trial is on target or at-risk. Compare new study scenarios to understand the impact to your timelines and odd-of-success.

Efficiency - Thin

Site benchmarking

Benchmark your sites against Lokavant’s proprietary data to optimize resources and reduce study team burden.

Scenario Planning - Thin

Scenario planning

During study launch perform "What-if" scenarios with in-silico simulations, facilitating proactive management and resource optimization during the study launch phase.

Notification - Thin

Predictive notifications

Predictive notifications become available in Lokavant’s Clinical Trial Intelligence platform and helps identity potential risks before they become issues.

Connected Dashboard- Thin

Connected dashboards

All your study launch data is surfaced through connected dashboards to eliminate the need for time-consuming manual data aggregation.

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Study Launch is trusted by Sponsors and CROs to oversee all study startup activities to ensure a successful study launch.
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