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Deploy the best artificial intelligence and human insight to see and solve risks before they happen, keeping your study on time and on budget.

Clinical trials are data challenges

Lokavant is powered by big data to solve them. Our solution uses proprietary data from:

Calculated Risk Indicators

As seen in

What our users say

Lokavant has a unique depth and breadth of proprietary data, machine learning prowess, and the domain knowledge to drive value to both sponsors and CROs.
— SVP Global Data Operations, Parexel

Our public partners include

The first clinical trial
intelligence platform

Lokavant drives better decision-making with less effort from your operations team.

Proactive, not reactive

See risks and issues before they occur in your study, instead of only looking at retrospective data.


Risk scores and underlying metrics are adjusted as soon as new data is entered.


Users can drill down to the country, site, or patient level to resolve issues. Automated notifications direct you and your team to the highest-risk areas.


Dashboards and data visibility are tailored to each user based on their needs.

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